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Compare Business Insurance

At Compare Crazy, the landlord insurance and business comparison site, we are dedicated to providing you, the small business owners, with the information you need; to access products and services that could save you £100’s of pounds on the cost of running, promoting and operating your business.

You can find the right business insurance quickly and at a cheap price, whether you’re looking for Public Liability Insurance, Motor Trade Insurance, Bicycle Insurance or Caravan Insurance. Compare leading UK business insurance providers online and find specialist insurance for your business whether you own a restaurant, shop, pub or an office.

Compare combined business insurance policies, which can include public liability insurance, tool cover, goods in transit, professional indemnity insurance, employers liability insurance and personal accident insurance into one policy and could save you hundreds of pounds.

Reduce your landlord and business insurance costs with Compare Crazy

Compare Landlord and business insurance premiums as with any other insurance premiums are based on risk – reducing the risk to your business by improving security can reduce your landlord or business insurance premium.

Shop around – we all know that time is money but spending a little time online or calling specialist business insurance brokers can save you £’s.
Becoming a member of a professional body or trade association could also save you money on public liability insurance.

If you are in a high risk occupation such as a roofer, work regularly at heights above 4 metres or with fixed woodworking machinery etc, seek advice from a specialist business insurance broker. Increase your liability insurance excess. A higher excess will mean lower premiums.

Remember that is a legal requirement to hold employers liability insurance even if you only employ sub contractors. You can find out more and download information on the legal requirements for employers liability insurance at www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/hse40.pdf.