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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Comparison

From a small delivery van to an articulated lorry, commercial vehicle insurance from the right specialist broker can save you £100’s of pounds. If delivering goods in your van is vital for your business and your van was involved in an accident or was stolen, then your business would suffer. Commercial Van insurance would ensure that this risk would be covered and your business would continue running smoothly. Insurance for Commercial vehicle in the UK will give you peace of mind from knowing that your business is protected.

Compare Commercial Vehicle Insurance

You can compare van insurance quotes online to find a policy which best satisfies your requirements. Finding cheap commercial vehicle insurance can be difficult, so by comparing insurance quotes, you’ll not only find the best quote for your needs but also save money too. Whether you are searching for insurance for your van or truck; Compare Crazy can help you find the cover you need.

What is Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Commercial Vehicle Insurance protects against the specific risks which are related to business-use vehicles. Commercial vans and trucks are widely used for delivering goods and there is always
a risk of them being involved in an accident, so it is important to make sure you have adequate cover and the policy is appropriate for the type of vehicle.

What vehicles are covered?

The Vehicles that can be covered by Commercial Vehicle Insurance are:

  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Lorries
  • Cars
  • Tow Trucks
  • Fleet Vehicles




What vehicles are covered?

Whatever type of business you operate and however long you’ve been operating, it’s crucial that you have the best cover in place to suit both your budget, and more importantly, your insurance requirements. Compare quotes online to find the type of cover you need and at an affordable price. The types of cover offered for a commercial vehicle are:

  • Third Party Fire & Theft – Covers you if your van or truck is stolen or damaged by fire and if people claim against you for damage to the vehicle.
  • Third Party Only – Covers liabilities to third parties.
  • Comprehensive – Provides maximum cover and can include extras such as a courtesy vehicle.

Who needs Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

It is illegal to own a vehicle that is not insured, so if you have a commercial vehicle, then you will need to ensure you have cover for it. By owning a commercial vehicle, you’re at immediate risk of theft or damage and you should make sure you’re covered for at least the minimum legal requirement of cover. Commercial Vehicle insurance will protect your business from risks related to your vehicle, so it’s necessary to have it in place.

How much does Commercial Vehicle Insurance cost?

The cost of UK commercial vehicle insurance can depend on the insurance brokers that you use and what type of policy you decide to choose. You may wish to take out the cheapest policy, however the level of cover will only be minimal compared to comprehensive cover, which can be quite expensive.

Consequences of not having Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Not having Commercial Vehicle Insurance can have vast consequences and it is a legal requirement to ensure your vehicle is insured. If you are involved in an accident with a third party and do not have insurance, you will not be covered for the compensation that you are required to pay and face the full liability of any claims made against you.