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Get Ready For The Rains With Our Top Flood Tips

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York Floods - Sept.2012 - UKWinter is on its way and with it comes the wrath of Mother Nature. While every Brit is used to a little rain over, sometime torrential downpours can cause a huge amount of damage, particularly to homes, businesses and other properties. To help you fight the downpours, we’ve come up with a collection of top tips on how to flood proof your property this winter.

Installing flood boards

Crafted using durable material such as PVC, flood boards are used to barricade doors and create a water tight seal. They can even be used on windows. Once installed, they are an extremely effective way of keeping water out of any property.

Using temporary flood barriers

For sophisticated flood protection designed to redirect water away from a property, a temporary flood barrier is a great option. The demountable structures can be erected once a flood warning is issued and strategically placed to ward off water.

Invest in sandbags

They may be simple but barricading properties with sandbags is one of the most effective ways to protect against floods. They can be used outdoors to prevent water flow from reaching the house or stacked up against doors.

Install airbricks

Airbricks are one of the latest anti-flood technologies, allowing airflow during dry periods and automatically sealing up when water is detected. They are suitable for use in all buildings and are quick, simple and relatively cheap to install.

Clear out drains and gutters

Due to the colder weather, many property owners often neglect to clean out their drains and gutters during the winter months. This is a rookie error as blocked pipes and drains can spell disaster during heavy downpours!

Have an evacuation strategy in place

If worst comes to worst and you simply cannot protect your home from incoming water, it’s essential to have an evacuation strategy in place. Make a list of all important documents/possessions and make sure you move them to a high surface that isn’t likely to be water damages (floating bookshelves are a great option.)

Keep up to date with the weather

It may sound simple but floods can often take property owners by surprise! One of the easiest ways to make sure you have time to prepare is to keep up to date with weather reports and warnings. Installing a mobile app or following the local weather report on Twitter will ensure that you’re always in the loop!

Take out a flood insurance policy

Despite their best efforts, many property owners still face the devastating financial burden of repairing flood damage that simply couldn’t be avoided. Make sure you don’t cripple your bank account by taking out a flood insurance policy that covers physical damage to both property and possessions. It will help ease the burden of post-flood repairs and also give you the complete peace of mind that you, your property and your possessions are 100% protected, no matter what the weather!

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