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Record year ahead for motor trade industry

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Mechanic working under car smilingAccording to joint research from and the SMMT, the motor trade industry is in for a lucrative year. One of the biggest indicators of the coming boom has been a significant jump in online activity. In fact, analysts have revealed that in January site traffic soared to 3.9 million visitors. This represents a 23% rise in mobile traffic from last year’s statistics!

Backing the new figures from is recent research from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. According to the society’s data January was the 35th consecutive month that car sales have grown. While some critics are sceptical that the growth is unsustainable others maintain that the figures offer a clear indicator that British motorists will continue to buy up over the next 12 months and beyond. is even predicting that in 2015 motor traders will top the 2.48 million sets of wheels they moved last year.

Jim Holder, editor said, “Car sales reached a 10-year high in 2014, but our figures suggest 2015 could be stronger still.”

New number plates means more cars on the road

At the end of March the government always releases a series of new registration plates. This has also been pegged as a key contributor to the rise in interest. As the UK emerges from the midst of the credit crunch, Brits are finding themselves with more disposable income which they appear to be investing into new or used vehicles.

“There’s no doubt a more stable economy and low interest rates are driving sales, but manufacturers are building vehicles that are better than ever in terms of quality, safety and practicality. Add some very tempting Target Price deals to the mix and it is clear why sales are so strong,” adds Holder.

Business set to boom for motor traders

More cars on the road automatically translates into more business for British motor traders. From services to repairs, all drivers need to maintain their vehicles and keep them MOT ready. However despite the increased opportunity for extra income it’s still important that all business owners ensure they have a comprehensive motor trade insurance policy in place. A rise in customers means an increase in the risk of incidents and it’s critical that businesses protect themselves, their employees and their customers. 

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