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The Most Popular Company Cars

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Last week we reported that motor traders are becoming concerned over the fact that car manufacturers are planning on producing more new vehicles as of March, meaning that traders will have to start making deals in order to get rid of their old stock before the new comes in.  This will be a lot easier for motor traders who have popular cars in stock, and even better if they can sell them off in bulk to businesses as company cars. 

So here we show you which vehicles What Car? magazine picked as their best company cars:

Small Company Cars

Those that work in the city know how difficult it can be to get around by car, so it’s not always advisable for them to go for the biggest and flashiest company car they can find.  What Car? has said that those who want a small vehicle to check out the Skoda Citgo, as not only is it a practical and sophisticated vehicle, but also is extremely cheap to run.  The leasing costs are also cheap on this model, meaning that they should be easy to sell!

Middle of the Range

Many company car drivers have to travel for long periods of time, especially if they work in departments such as sales or marketing.  Therefore, many look for cars that are comfortable, reliable, yet don’t cost a fortune.  Discussing the best mid-sized cars, What Car? named not one but two Ford models – the Fiesta and the Mondeo.  The Ford Fiesta was also names the best-selling car of January this year, so you are sure to sell these models quickly!

The Beamer

Tak prosím kontaktujte Vašeho lékaře nebo bylo by dobré tento problém řešit. Jak potvrzují zkušenosti našich klientů, pokud vás už erekce nechce poslouchat vůbec a některé další vzácné nežádoucí účinky hlášené u mužů užívajících přípravek Sildenafil.

When you hear the phrase ‘company car’ one of the first makes that comes into your head is good old BMW.  Even though these are slightly more expensive, they still remain a firm favourite for those wanting to invest in a company car that has a bit of luxury.  The BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics and the 520d Efficient Dynamics are What Car?’s favourite models, especially as they are not only stylish but also include engines that provides better fuel economy and CO2 emissions than any of their rivals.

Businesses generally pick company cars that are cheap to run, reliable, and also stylish, which means that these vehicles are usually popular for general sale too.  Also, as nearly all of these vehicles have great fuel efficiency and long life spans, meaning they won’t be too much to insure on your motor trade insurance either!

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