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Taxi Insurance Comparison

Taxi Insurance in the UK provides policyholders with insurance against the specific liability risks of operating as a black cab, private hire or taxi fleet operator. As a taxi operator, protection from the unique liability risks associated with the public hire business is available under a taxi insurance policy. Private hire taxi insurance is also available for protecting risks related to private hire businesses.

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What is Cab Insurance?

Taxi Insurance is there to protect both the taxi operator, taxi and the fare-paying public in the event of any accident and subsequent claim. There are two types of taxi insurance for taxi drivers:

  • Private Hire Taxi Insurance – These are for cars that are restricted to pre-booking only
  • Public Hire Taxi Insurance – These are for cars licenced to collect passengers at the side of the road

Who needs this Insurance?

Any vehicle on the public highway is legally required to have insurance, whether this is a private vehicle, commercial vehicle or a taxi cab. If you operate any kind of private or public hire business then you will be required to have adequate taxi insurance in place. As a taxi operator, it is essential that you understand which type of taxi insurance that apply to your specific kind of taxi service. A taxi insurance policy is there to protect your vehicle as well as your passengers, and even yourself.

How much does Cab Insurance cost?

The cost of UK Taxi Insurance can vary depending on which insurance brokers you decide to use and the type of taxi insurance that you require. Drivers can either purchase insurance for themselves as a named driver to get a cheap quote, or can buy an ‘any driver’ policy which is the most expensive cover available.

What does it cover?

Taxi owners and operators can compare quotes online and find cover for specific taxi operations, e.g:

  • Taxi insurance
  • Black cab insurance
  • Fleet taxi insurance
  • Private hire taxi insurance
  • Public Hire insurance
  • Chauffeur insurance
  • Minibus insurance

Public liability insurance is a good idea to have as drivers will be transporting passengers in their taxi and in the event of an injury claim made by passengers, the legal costs and any compensation pay-out will be covered.

Though some level of taxi insurance is a legal requirement, the level of taxi insurance cover is up to you. Some businesses may choose comprehensive insurance, where others may elect to save as much money as possible by keeping taxi insurance cover to a minimum.

Consequences of not having Taxi Insurance

Taxi Insurance protects both the taxi operator, taxi and the fare-paying public in the event of any accident and subsequent claim. Without taxi insurance, drivers will have to face the full liability of any claims made against them and pay the money from their own pocket.