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Nissan Salesman aims to sell Seven Thousand cars before his 70th Birthday

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What is the secret to becoming a successful motor trader? Is it good sales pitches, organisation, making sure you are up to date on all your finances and motor trade insurance payments? For those that want to know, they should ask Bill Board from Dorchester who has spent thirty-six years in the motor trade industry, and has even kept a record of every single vehicle he has ever sold. This year, Mr Board will be celebrating his 70th birthday, and hopes to mark the occasion by reaching his target of seven thousand cars sold.

Since Mr Board began working in the motor trade industry he has a kept a full record of every deal he has ever done, starting with his first sale of a second-hand VW Golf back in 1977. Discussing his method, Mr Board said: “On my first day in the job my boss told me to get myself a ledger and keep a thorough record of every vehicle I sold. I guess I just never got out of the habit and I’ve now got a big pile of books at home, listing the full details of every deal I’ve ever done. There are probably lots of people out there who’ve sold more cars than me, but I doubt they can say exactly what they sold, when and to who.”

Mr Board started working in the motor trade industry during the recession of 1977, and firstly worked for Dorchester Austin Rover dealer Wadham Stringer. The dealership changed hands many times throughout the years, eventually becoming Dorchester Nissan in 2004, however Mr Board stayed with the company the whole time. His best year was 1988 where he sold over three hundred cars, and even now he manages to sell an average of 134 cars a year even though he only works four days a week.

His total is currently 6,650 cars sold, however those that work with him at the dealership are sure he will make his target. Dealer principal at the Dorchester Nissan’s Miller Close showroom, Tony Jordan said: “Bill’s an absolute phenomenon and a force of nature. He’s such a gentleman and genuinely nice bloke that people instantly warm to him and trust him. He’s an absolute asset to the dealership and I’ve got no doubt he’ll hit the 7,000 mark before long.”

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