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Bicycle Insurance Comparison

If you’re looking for Bicycle Insurance, can help you find the cheapest quote. In order to source the right level of Cycle Insurance coverage it is possible to search online and compare between providers. This will ensure that you obtain the best deal possible, finding the Bicycle Insurance cover you need at the lowest premium.

Bicycle Insurance policy can cover:

  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Personal Accident
  • Public Liability

At we have insurance brokers that are looking for you and can provide cover for Bicycle Insurance. You can even compare Bicycle Insurance quotes and levels of cover to find the right policy for you.


Will my cycle be covered for Theft?
Yes, Bicycle Insurance will cover you for theft of your Cycle:

  • From Home
  • Away from Home
  • From a Motor vehicle

Do you cover more than one bicycle on a policy?
Yes – As long as they are all owned by the same person.

Do I need to have specific locks when my bicycle is stored?
Yes – Your Bicycle must be locked by an approved lock.

Is my Cycle covered abroad?
compare crazy page logoStandard cover allows you to use your bicycle anywhere in the UK. Depending on which policy you choose, you can be covered using your cycle abroad.