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Inflatable Minion Causes Mayhem!

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Earlier in August a giant inflatable minion, which was displayed at a Dublin fairground, caused chaos at strong winds ripped it from its place. The enormous 12 metre inflatable then flew across traffic, stopping cars on a busy road as it blocked the path of drivers.

Luckily no one was injured in the incident, and the bizarre sight didn’t annoy drivers too much with one local calling the whole thing “a bit of fun.” However, with such a large inflatable let loose, the potential was there for danger and it is pot luck that no accidents were caused by the naughty minion.

The huge minion proved difficult to move, stopping traffic on the road for at least 15 minutes. Soon the Police arrived to try and defuse the situation, and it was decided the only way to remove the minion quickly and effectively was to deflate it. With the help of passers-by, the Police managed to let the air of the mischievous minion and it was carried away using a wheelbarrow.

Freak gusts of wind and sever weather conditions can wreak havoc for inflatable companies, and even those with the most stringent safety standards can report a dangerous incident such as this. People can wrongly assume that because inflatables are light and bouncy, they could not possibly be harmful. Images of the huge yellow minion on top of cars proves just how deadly this stowaway inflatable could have been.

Minion fever has took a hold of the world this year, with the release of the Minions movie in June. The yellow creatures were a great hit in animated films Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, and this year they have stolen the spotlight to carry a film all on their own. The 12 foot inflatable minion would have no doubt attracted lots of attention from children and adults alike at the fairground – if only it had stayed there! Instead it made the headlines around the UK, and unfortunately had to be deflated by the side of a road.

Although this is a light hearted story, it does highlight the possible dangers associated with inflatables. The minion was just a character, but if the inflatable swept away was a bouncy castle and it had children inside – which has happened before – the results could have been horrifying. If you own an inflatables company, make sure you have the correct bouncy castle insurance which also covers a range of inflatable equipment such as obstacle courses and inflatable slides.

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Inflatable Minion Causes Mayhem!

Earlier in August a giant inflatable minion, which was displayed at a Dublin fairground, caused chaos at strong winds ripped it from its place. The

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