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Quentin Investigates – The Three Horseshoes Bubbenhall

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Hello again folks! I have today had a call from one of the guys at the Comparecrazy offices informing me that they now have a brand new super competitive scheme for pub insurance and asking me to give it a bit of a plug so here I am! I haven’t been about for a while as you may have noticed, but there has been a good reason for this which I will explain…

You may remember if you’ve read any of my previous blogs that I was having a bit of a to do with my ex partner and ended up drowning my sorrows in a pub which is where I met the guys here at Comparecrazy when I stumbled over their table!

Well there’s been some good news chaps! I’ve now been spending an awful lot of time with a beautiful young lady from one of the Comparecrazy brokers which has put a bit of a smile on my face, not least because of the fact that we’ve now moved in together so all is again good. Anyway, this is relevant insofar as on a Saturday evening a few weeks ago, said young lady had got it into her head that she fancied a steak, so after some investigative work from some of the locals in the pub we were in, we headed off to the Three Horseshoes in Bubbenhall which is a quaint little village in the Warwickshire countryside.

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Everything Was Fine From The Outside!

Being aware of the fact that last orders for food were about to be taken, we hurriedly took a quick look at the menu and ordered a couple of steaks and a couple of drinks. The barman took our order and we paid for it. Done deal you might think. Sadly not.

As the barman proceeded to serve someone else, I had to call him back over as I thought that unless the chef and waiting staff were telepathic, they might like to know how we’d like our steaks cooked and where we might be sitting. Not being telepathic myself, I also had to ask him what the steak came with as there was no mention of accompaniments on the menu!

As we sat down with mildly bemused expressions, a waitress brought our utensils over with some condiments. We noticed in the background there was a table of ladies who were clearly smashed and every now and then when the bar wasn’t busy, the barman who had half served us joined them, leading me to believe that maybe he’d had a few himself!

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Even Mo Asked Us How We Wanted Our Steaks Cooked!

When the steak came, I noticed that there was no mustard in the bowl of sachets which the waitress had brought us. There was however an abundance of salad cream and tartare sauce, not something I’ve ever had with a rare steak. So on to the food itself… fabulous is the word which initially springs to mind. The chef clearly knew what he was doing, charred on the outside and verging on blue inside, and melted in the mouth. The salad which accompanied it was lovely and crunchy, with a drizzling of what seemed like a homemade mouth watering dressing. If we’d have had earplugs it would have been perfect. Sadly we didn’t but it got me to wondering if the chef had any idea how his cooking was being spoiled by the lack of gumption in the front of house staff.

I have tried on numerous occasions to contact the landlady to tell her of our experience but she never seems to be in when I call, and clearly wasn’t there the night we went! Anyway, I shall keep on trying to contact her, and when I do I will also be telling her about the new uber competitive scheme for pub insurance here at Comparecrazy, and maybe suggesting that with the money she could save, she could pay for staff who don’t… anyway, you get the picture! Do you know of any pubs that could do with a Comparecrazy makeover? Get in touch with me Don’t forget, for rare pub insurance come to The business insurance comparison site!

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