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Travel Insurance Comparison

Although much of your business communications day to day can be performed online or via the telephone, the face to face meeting is still an essential part of many business transactions. From a simple one day trip out of the office to a globe-trotting expedition to close that big deal business travel is a fact of life for most business.

In a busy world planning your business travel in advance reduces stress and could save you hundreds of pounds. Arrive at your destination on time and ready to do business. Insurance for travel is provided by UK insurers who also offer instant quotes and cover online for Holiday insurance.

Compare Holiday Insurance

By simply using online travel insurance comparison sites, you can receive a cheap insurance quote from the UK’S leading travel insurance brokers. It’s quick and easy to get a variety of insurance quotes and to search a number of policies, all easily comparable.

What is Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a policy to cover unexpected emergencies whilst travelling. It is in place to cover medical expenses if you were to fall ill & any losses incurred while traveling abroad or in the UK.

Who needs Travel Insurance

If you’re planning on travelling abroad, then having Travel Insurance is very important. There are different levels of coves available that can protect your holiday from many eventualities such as having to cancel your holiday for a family emergency or if the airline was to go bust and you weren’t able to travel to your destination.

How much does Travel Insurance cost?

The cost of UK travel insurance can depend on the insurance brokers that you use and what type of policy you decide to choose. You may wish to take out the cheapest policy; however the level of cover may not be adequate for your requirements. There are many extras that can be added to your travel insurance but at an extra cost, so it’s a good idea to find out exactly what level of cover that suits your needs.

What does it cover?

Depending on the type of policy you choose to buy, travel insurance can cover many unforeseen emergencies when you’re travelling abroad. You can compare levels of cover online and find the right policy at an affordable price.

Here are some covers available with travel insurance:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Cancelation of your trip
  • Cutting your holiday short
  • Flight Delays
  • Baggage & Belongings being lost damages or stolen

Consequences of not having Travel Insurance

The consequences of not having travel insurance can be huge and travellers will have to face the full liability if they were to face an emergency when travelling abroad. If you were to fall ill abroad and needed emergency medical care, then you would have to pay the money from your own pocket which can be extremely expensive, especially if you needed to be flown back to the UK.

Age Related Travel Insurance Policies

Over 65, 80’s 70’s Travel Insurance

If you’re over the age of 65, then you’ll expect to pay higher premiums for travel insurance. The reason for this is because insurers see older aged travellers at being at a higher risk and cover usually includes extra emergency and medical cover.

Under 18’s Travel Insurance

Whether you’re a 16, 17 or 18 year old, separate policies are available for travelling. For under 18’s travelling alone, you will be required to take out a separate policy depending on how you will be travelling too.

Family Travel Insurance

Family travel cover is available for families traveling together and usually includes cover for two adults and two children. By purchasing family travel insurance, you can receive a few benefits such as higher levels of cover, for example, extra baggage cover.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

If you’re planning on traveling abroad, it is important to check that you are covered for worldwide travel as not all insurance policies will cover this. Most travel insurance will cover UK and European destinations, so if you’re travelling outside of Europe then ensure that you have worldwide travel insurance.

Medical Travel Insurance

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you’ll need travel insurance with medical conditions cover. Travel health insurance is available to cover medical conditions if you’re:

  • Diabetic
  • Pregnant
  • Have cancer
  • Suffer from strokes
  • Epileptic

It is imperative to have the right medical travel insurance to protect any risks associated with your health issues while you are travelling.

Cruise Travel Insurance

Cruise Travel Insurance is also available if you’re planning a cruise holiday and it will cover risks such as cancellations, medical cover and even missed port departure. Travel insurance for cruises can be compared online, so that you find the most affordable cover.

Winter Sports Insurance

If you’re planning a winter sports holiday and you’re going to go skiing or snowboarding, then make sure that you’re covered with ski/skiing travel insurance. It’s important to have winter sports insurance that covers you if your skiing or snowboard equipment was stolen or if you suffered an injury on the slopes.

Annual Travel Insurance

Are you thinking about travelling a few times this year? Or do you have a few business trips organised? Then annual travel insurance is a good idea to save you time and money if you’re traveling a few times a year. Multi trip travel insurance can even offer you additional benefits that you wouldn’t get with single trip travel insurance.

If you’re planning on staying abroad for a long length of time then think about having Long stay travel insurance. This type of insurance is ideal if you’re planning to work abroad; however not all long stay travel insurance policies will cover this, so ensure you check this when comparing quotes online.

Countries Covered

Here are some countries that are covered:

  • USA
  • India
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Cuba
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Dubai
  • Tunisia
  • China
  • Morocco

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Are you planning a trip around the world and plan to be away for a year? Backpackers travel insurance will cover you for your trip for 12 months and if you’re planning to return within a year. Backpacker insurance can cover you for travelling in many countries, so there is no need for you to organise insurance for each country you travel to.