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Youths Set Fire to Pub – Burning a David Moyes Mural – We’re Glad He Had Pub Insurance!

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Pub Insurance FireCriminals are known for not being the brightest bunch of people on the plant. A recent attack on a pub in Liverpool adds extra credibility to that stereotype. Taff’s Tavern in Derby Lane was set alight by four masked men while patrons were still inside and people occupied the above rooms. During the attack one of the arsonists managed to severely burn his arm and another lost his mask while in plain view of CCTV cameras.

While no customers or people in surrounding buildings were injured, one long term tenant wasn’t as lucky – a signed mural of David Moyes was set alight. The mural had been a fixture in the football mad pub for 10 years and is hopefully salvageable, unless you are a Manchester United fan.

The attack occurred at 10:30pm on Friday when the pub was still in full swing. Customers were shocked to see the establishment being set upon by young men holding bottles of flammable liquid and described the scene more fit for an action movie than a friendly pub.

Publican, Taff Hughes, 79, who has run the pub for 25 years believes the attack was carried out on behalf of someone who has beef with him personally and got the four youths to carry out the raid for them. He said: “I imagine it’s somebody who has got no bottle, sending kids around to do his dirty work for him.”

The building was extensively damage, resulting in furniture and stock needing to be thrown out. Much of the inside of the pub is covered in black soot however it is believed the structure itself is in a repairable condition.

One of the alleged attackers was found nearby the pub with a badly burnt arm and was taken to hospital before being questioned by the police. He would need a rather good excuse not to be linked with the fire that took place in the same area at the same time. Another attacker is being searched for by police after CCTV footage caught images of his face after his mask had come off.

Mr Hughes was understandably devastated by the attack on his namesake but vows to get the pub up and running as soon as possible. He has already had an electrician in to access the damage and is receiving quotes to fix the fire damage. Making a claim on his pub insurance is under way. Thanks to the stupidity of the arsonists it shouldn’t be too difficult for a prosecution teams to bring the four youths to justice.The-David-Moyes-mural

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