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Thanks To Their Motor Trade Insurance A Garage Is Back in Business After Devastating Fire

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motor trade fireWhen a devastating fire ripped through GS Motors, owners Pep and Sanjay Sagoo saw their livelihoods go up in flames. The fire was started in the garage when fuel caught alight. Sanjay said the wrong fuel had been put in the vehicle and that he was working under the car when it caught alight. Sanjay was momentarily engulfed in flames however didn’t receive any serious injuries.

Within 10 minutes of the fire starting the entire garage was up in flames. The fire was attended to by 40 firemen who were able to prevent the building from collapsing. Surrounding businesses were also affected by the fire as they lost electricity and phone lines. Aylesbury Lock & Key Centre was also severely affected by the fire and had to transfer the business to a temporary location.

As a result of the fire, customers cars were badly damaged or written off along with numerous tools and pieces of equipment. While the fire had devastating effects on property and equipment, luckily nobody was injured. Pep and Sanjay Sagoo were able to keep their business running by moving premises to a temporary site while an insurance claim was being carried out.

Sanjay told of the stressful time he had working in a temporary premises during the day and going home at night to work on paperwork directly after the fire. Support from everyone involved in the business meant they were able to remain afloat and get back into their old premises.

The mechanic, from Bedgrove, Aylesbury, said everyone was relieved to get into their old premises and that “there’s no place like home.” GS Motors has been running for 35 years after Sanjay’s grandfather started the business. The recently engaged mechanic also thanked his customers for staying loyal over the trying period.

A risk of fire is an unavoidable danger that all garages face. Having adequate insurance to cover the full potential dangers of a fire starting in the workplace is something every business owner should have. Without adequate motor trade insurance, Pep and Sanjay Sagoo would have been out of pocket £100,000’s.

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