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Alice In Blunderland – More Darwinism! – Public Liability

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It really hurts me to do this again, but I just can’t help it when it comes down to some peoples’ stupidity. For my little public liability rant this time I think I should draw your attention to a story which I read with incredulity in the Daily Mail yesterday. A guy has just been banged up for four months and had a grand’s worth of tattoo equipment confiscated from him for, well, something so ridiculous I can’t catch my breath!

In fairness I can’t fault him to a degree, he wanted to be a tattoo artist and had watched his father a few times tattoo people but surely this doesn’t give you the qualification necessary to just crack on inking people? I heard that most aspiring tattooists practice relentlessly on pig skin until they’re competent enough. I myself have an A level in art but if you saw the tattoo I attempted on myself (OK before I got the A level but it’s not the point!) I’m sure you’d agree that there’s a difference between having a flair for art and jabbing human skin with a needle dribbling in Indian ink, after all you can paint over a canvas or indeed burn it. Sadly I can’t do that with the mess I made on my arm at the age of 14 with a set of compasses in a maths lesson!

However, I was just a teenager experimenting with my own arm which is my problem, not the chap who I read about yesterday who had attempted to do a full back job on a 20+ year old girl with some form of Alice in Wonderland scenario.

public liability
This Tattooist Is Clearly A Public Liability!!

Apparently the girl paid £100 for 2 sessions, (in the guy’s kitchen!) but could not bear the pain enough to warrant a third.  Legitimate local tattoo artist Colin Fell said the Alice in Wonderland tattoo was the worst he had seen.

Mr Fell said: ‘The colour on the toadstool has been put in too deep and has caused scarring to the skin – these scars will always be raised and will be difficult to tattoo over. The linework is inconsistent, some being too heavy and some too light. There were also dark spots where the needle caught the skin.’ He estimated that disguising the tattoo with another one, properly done, would cost at least £900.

Once again we see Darwinism in action! This girl will be scarred for life and has no recourse through the guy’s public liability insurance as he was not a registered tattooist with the local council. Does she deserve it? You be the judge, my opinion isn’t necessary here!

The one thing I do have an opinion on though is that you won’t get needled obtaining quality public liability insurance here at The business insurance comparison site!

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