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Grade 2 Listed Buildings Insurance – Haunted Ancient Ram Inn

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At our panel of brokers include a number with schemes for grade 2 listed buildings insurance, buildings such as The Ancient Ram Inn, located in the village of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire.

The Ancient Ram Inn
The Ancient Ram Inn

Not that anyone in their right mind would want to stay there of course, what with the purported goings on over the years! Apparently built across two ‘ley lines’, and on the former site of a pagan burial ground, rumours of child sacrifice abound together with many alleged sightings of all manner of unusual things including a cavalier in full uniform, a large black cat, a lady named Elizabeth said to have been murdered and buried underneath the bar and the reflection of a man wearing a lace collar in the glass of an old grandfather clock. The ‘Bishop’s Room’ is said to be the most haunted room of all, boasting four ghosts of its own.

Guaranteed you'll be sharing in the 'Bishop's Room'!
Guaranteed you’ll be sharing in the ‘Bishop’s Room’!

The Ram is so famous among paranormal enthusiasts that it has even featured on several television programmes such as Great British Ghosts, Ghost adventures and Most Haunted.

I spoke with Caroline last week, explaining that I was interested in writing a blog about the Ancient Ram, and as a thank you I would get one of our guys to give her a quote for her grade 2 listed buildings insurance in return to save her some money. Suddenly the line went all kind of crackly and I distinctly felt what seemed like someone’s breath in my ear. I went very cold for a second and I subsequently had to go and have a lie down!

So in summary, don’t get spooked by the price of your grade 2 listed buildings insurance. Come to The business insurance comparison site!

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