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The Old Spitalfields Market, so named after its location originally in a field adjacent to St. Mary Spittel between Bishopsgate and Brick Lane in London, started life originally in the 14th century. In 1682 Charles II granted a royal charter allowing John Balch, a silk thrower, to hold a market there two days a week.

market trader insurance
The Old Market

Over the next 200 years the market steadily grew to become the hub for local fruit and veg sales in London, such was the appetite at the time, together with world famous ‘Spitalfields Silk’ thanks to the many French and Flemish protestants who had settled in the area after fleeing persecution in the 1700s, by then opening six days a week.

In 1876 the present building was built and remains one of the best preserved examples of a Victorian market in the country. By the early 1900s with the advent of mass immigration from countries as far afield as Bangladesh, Somalia and the West Indies, the market encompassed fruit and veg from around the world. As the reputation grew around the country, so did the market, until a time in 1991 when it moved to its present location, a 31 acre state of the art site in Leyton, London.

market trader insurance
Drop the mango or I’ll shoot!!

The new site boasts over 100 units occupied by wholesalers in the central market hall including ripening rooms and cold storage facilities, 4 other buildings providing facilities for auxiliary businesses such as catering suppliers, fruit and veg importers, pallet services and fork lift truck maintenance. There are also over 1,900 car parking spaces.

Spitalfields Market is now the largest horticultural market in the UK and has the widest variety of fruit, veg and flowers of any market in Europe. So, whether you’re one of the big boys at Spitalfields, or purely have a small stall in a quiet market town, why not come to for your market trader insurance? The business insurance comparison site!

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