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The Most Famous Car Heists In History

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White sport carWhile Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular video games on the planet, we think these real life car heist stories are far more entertaining!  We just hope the owners had insurance…

The 99 key luxury car shopper

Back in 2011, US police arrested a man on suspicion of multiple car thefts. What they found was almost too unbelievable to be true! The culprit was caught red handed with 99 different luxury car keys totalling over US$4 million in value. According to prosecutors, the man ran a ‘steal-to-order’ car theft business where shifty customers would simple place an order for their preferred luxury vehicle and wait for the thief to steal the perfect match.

Pulp Fiction’s Disappearing Chevy  

In April 2013, Californian police confirmed that two decades after its disappearance, Quentin Tarantino’s famous cherry red 1964 Chevrolet convertible has finally been located. The luxury vehicle was driven in the film Pulp Fiction by none other than John Travolta. Authorities revealed that the car was found in the San Francisco Bay area while police were investigating a series of other car thefts.

James Bond’s AWOL Aston Martin

It may have only clocked up 13 minutes of screen time but that was all that was needed to win James Bond’s ultra-suave 1964 Aston Martin DB5 worldwide fame. However after enjoying its 30 seconds in the spotlight, the swoon worthy wheels disappeared off the face of the earth from a Florida air hangar in 1997. A meticulous search followed however the car has yet to be found. Rumour has it that the insurance company faced a colossal payout of an estimated US$4 million!

The great London car heist

In 2007, police finally busted a gang of car thieves who had stolen over £1.5 million worth of luxury vehicles from a handful of high-profile owners. The ring operated on an order based system, with stolen vehicles quickly shipped abroad, mostly to the UAE. The sophisticated crime spree saw the gang stealthily steal keys and silently drive the high end cars away without the owners even noticing. The gang was eventually busted when they began to post online videos of themselves cruising about in the stolen vehicles. Talk about cocky!

The USA’s most lucrative car theft ring

While modern day car theft rings still turn a huge profit, America’s 1972 FBI bust is still the nation’s biggest raid to date. 71 individuals were arrested, most hiding out in the hustle and bustle of New York. The ring was operating for over four years, during which time the thieves clocked up over US$5 million worth of stolen cars. When adjusted in accordance with inflation, the figure equates to an enormous US$27 million!

These thieves may not have had morals but they most definitely had ambition when it came to stealing luxury cars! Whether you drive a James Bond style Aston Martin or a slightly less flashy Vauxhall, make sure you head over to Compare Crazy and find a motor traders insurance policy that has you covered if thieves take a liking to your wheels.

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