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Motor Traders Ready for Electric Revolution

31 July 2015

Electric cars haven’t been quite as popular as predicted, but experts are hopeful that within the next decade the petrol engine will eventually die out. Virgin magnate Richard Branson is confident that the revolution is on its way, maintaining that within 20 years, “No new road cars will be petrol driven.”

What Convictions can Impact my Insurance?

24 July 2015

All homeowners should protect themselves with household insurance, however many policy holders don’t understand the small print when it comes to convictions. Even minor incidents can render conventional insurance policies null and void. To clear up the confusion we’ve taken a look at what sorts of convictions are likely to have an effect on policy…

Youngsters Pioneer UK Pub Growth

13 July 2015

British pubs have been struggling over the past few years but now, the latest statistics from Barclay’s show that young landlords are breathing new life into the industry! While pubs have a reputation for being owned by silver haired landlords a new generation of dynamic young entrepreneurs are starting to open their own watering holes…

Service Tips for Electric Cars

10 July 2015

The electric car revolution has rapidly swept the globe, with industry analysts predicting that the eco-friendly vehicles will soon dominate the roads. For motor traders and maintenance providers this means that developing an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of electric vehicles should be a top priority. To help you prepare for the upsurge…

5 Steps to Finding Cheaper Health Insurance

06 July 2015

The latest official NHS figures have revealed that waiting time delays for cancer and other life-saving tests have more than doubled over the past year. For Brits wanting to skip the waiting lists and take immediate action private health insurance is a must. However, not all policies are created equal and often prices can vary immensely….