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Christmas Insurance Fraud – Santa Pulls One

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My attention has been drawn to a fire within the grounds of Chessington World of Adventures and Zoo, where Santa’s Grotto has been consumed with flames. Now call me a cynic but I think Santa’s pulling a fast one here. This reeks of insurance fraud!

Eight fire crews from both the London Fire Brigade and neighbouring Surrey Fire and Rescue Service were called out to the theme park in Surrey at 8.40am on 21st December, just an hour and 20 minutes before thousands of families would have descended on the popular resort which seems mildly suspicious to me to say the very least.


What with the economic downturn I am pretty certain that Santa’s feeling the pinch too and let’s face it at this time of year he’s normally holding a fair amount of stock. All those little helpers will need paying at the end of the day. They all have families and mortgages I suspect too. Maybe he couldn’t afford to fully kit himself out this year and none of the major banks would give him a business loan even though the government has told them they have to? Maybe one of them is about to repossess Lapland? At the time of writing none of these questions can be answered. I personally think Santa’s gone and insured a Grotto which probably had a Raleigh Chopper and a couple of Space Hoppers in it, as being fully laden with millions of pounds worth of ipads, X boxes and 72 inch plasma tellies, then gone and fired the place. Surely nobody would suspect him, he’s the main cheese at Christmas. I think it’s all got too much for him and he’s got on the sherry a bit too early, and with his mind slightly clouded, has attempted to pull off a major scam.


No sign of Santa
No sign of Santa


According to the Fire Service, all the animals in the zoo, including the sea lions which were housed adjacent to the Grotto, were evacuated to safety. There was however something notably strange, insofar as there wasn’t a soul to be seen in the reindeer compound, although it looked like the reindeer had left in a bit of a hurry.

Whilst nobody likes an insurance fraudster I sincerely hope that in the spirit of Christmas, Santa’s insurers pay out so that all our children don’t go short of their iphone 5’s on Christmas day and have to suffer with Connect 4 and Ker-plunk! like we had to. Then on Boxing Day, having thought about it and realising that insurance fraud cost us, the genuine customer, an additional premium for our various insurances, the Serious Fraud Office launch an investigation and arrest him from the Priory Clinic which is no doubt where he’ll be.

In summary, Santa probably will be coming down the chimney this Christmas, but just in case, and for his own good, leave the mince pies out by all means but swig the sherry yourself! The business insurance comparison site!

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