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Business Insurance and the Nativity!

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It is a sad fact these days that the true meaning of Christmas is lost in the commercial frenzy that we take for granted so bearing this in mind, and working on the principle that ‘if you can’t beat them join them’, here’s a quick take on the nativity from a business insurance perspective!

So Mary and Joseph are on their way to Bethlehem travel insurance when they come across an inn hotel insurance. There was no room at the inn restaurant insurance but the innkeeper directors and officers insurance said that they were welcome to stay in the barn farm buildings insurance at the back of the inn pub insurance. They had to share the barn with animals pet insurance. That very evening Mary gave birth to Jesus key personnel insurance.


Working on Christmas Day?!
Working on Christmas Day?!


The three wise men had been following a bright star courier insurance to bring gifts product liability insurance for the baby Jesus goods in transit insurance and eventually arrived to offer him gold jewellers insurance, frankincense and myrrh perfumier insurance.

That unfortunately is pretty much all I can remember about the Nativity, not having looked at a bible since infants school – and what with being a galloping atheist anyway, but it seemed like an ideal opportunity to jump on the commercial Christmas bandwagon and throw a few keywords in there. I bet you didn’t even notice them! This is a commercial website after all, and although it isn’t a religious site in any way, a very happy Christmas from The business insurance comparison site!

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