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What to do in a Storm… Allegedly! Motor Trade Insurance

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Around about 20 years ago here in the midlands we had some fabulous snow. I was living at my parents’ house at the time which was out in the middle of nowhere and I remember we were completely snowed in. Furthermore, the power had gone down so we were sat in the house, surrounded with miles of 18” deep snow, around a couple of candles and all as miserable as sin. I remember the land line ringing and a very sarcastic friend of mine, ‘Big John’, telling me that he, ‘Small Paul the Greek’ aka ‘The Codfather’ and various others were going to their local and was I joining them, knowing full well I was stranded.


Well, not being one to miss out, I took it upon myself to dress like Scott of the Antarctic, and probably saying to my Ma, “I’m going out… I may be some time!” I proceeded to wander off in the driving snow to meet the lads.

Possibly Me
Possibly Me

After roughly a hundred yards I realised what a fool I was, but undeterred I carried on against all odds to the destination which was roughly 5 miles away. There was, on the way, a pub called the Phantom Coach which upon reaching (after at least an hour’s walk) was relatively empty for obvious reasons. Well, as I walked in with roughly 9 layers of clothes on, wearing a pair of wellies, a pair of baseball boots tied together and slung over my shoulder and covered from head to toe in snow and ice asking for 6 bottles of Lamot Pils, the Landlady’s face was a picture, as if to be thinking I was the Phantom who’d got off the Phantom Coach!


This was in the day pre mobile phones, so using the pub phone to call The Newlands pub where the boys were, I told Eddie the landlord to tell the guys I’d be there in roughly another hour. Clearly they didn’t think I was mad enough to be undertaking such a farcical journey as per their faces when I eventually landed at said destination, almost dead.

Well after slightly more than a few large whiskies, purely for revival purposes you understand, a monumental snowball fight erupted on the car park. Big John was stood in the doorway to the pub and I was across the road. In his typical inimitable fashion, as I was lining a snowball up for him, he proceeded to goad me…

Attempted Murder

Big John clearly had no idea that I had the school record for the javelin (nearly spearing a physics teacher, Mr. Hopwood, in the throat in the process) and was pretty accurate at throwing anything at all to the point where I’d hit the school head boy full in the face with an orange at further than 50 yards. So when Big John had seen the (decoy) snowball launch up in the air at him, he, not seeing the second snowball I had hidden behind my back, said ‘You couldn’t hit a barn door fr…’

Later that night we found an abandoned milk float which The Codfather managed to get working. Have you noticed how the Greeks love cars?! The rest of the story I couldn’t possibly make public so I’ll get back to what I should be doing, talking about insurance. On that journey on the milk float there were so many abandoned and broken down vehicles we passed it was amazing, so every garage in miles must have had work coming out of their ears for weeks. We at salute you, the mechanics who got the world in motion again, and would like to give you the opportunity to reduce your motor trade insurance premiums in return. All you need to do is click! The business insurance comparison site!

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