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Brace Yourselves (Insurance Companies!)

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As I sit here, window open, with a gentle cool breeze across my face, I’m slightly excited as within the next 24 hours a storm is going to be brewing. To me there’s something strangely appealing about the anticipation of carnage and destruction which may or may not be caused as a result. There are rumours that this one could be on a par with the Great Storm of October 1987 so now may be a good time to check to see if you have adequate insurance cover for just about everything. I can picture many people at insurance companies spending most of next week with their heads in their hands! So far the Environment Agency has issued numerous severe weather warnings and at least 20 flood alerts.

In 1987, the storm which hit the UK cost insurance companies £2 billion, second only to the £3.7 billion from the high winds at the beginning of 1990. Last year’s floods are estimated to have cost the industry £1 billion. In 1987 however, the storm was the worst to hit the South East since 1703, and was in the opinion of several people all the fault of Michael Fish who failed to notice it! (watch Mr. Fish)

Van Damage - Not a Dutch Centre Forward
Van Damage – Not a Dutch Centre Forward

The British public really are a strange bunch. On the one hand hearing that there may be a storm on its way with the possible severity to down trees then proceeding to park their cars under a tree, and on the other blaming the Met Office for the weather! I blame Michael Fish for everything. If he were to come on the telly telling us that a 25 mile wide asteroid was NOT going to hit the Earth knocking the moon out of orbit on its way and essentially ending civilisation, I’d be bloody worried!

So, as a tribute to Michael, I’d like to ask you all not to get an insurance quote for anything which you hold dear or of any value this coming few days and try paragliding around the South Coast instead! The  comparison site!

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