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A Guide To Claiming On Your Pub Insurance

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The amount of things that can go wrong in the pub trade are too numerous to count. Recently I wrote in a post about how a car had driven into a pub during rush hour. That’s an example of something that can go wrong that not even the most astute business owner would plan for.

Having proper Pub Insurance is an absolute essential for publicans. Not being insured can leave owners seriously out of pocket by just the smallest events. Even for those people who are covered when damages take place they aren’t out of the woods just yet. Claiming insurance can be a daunting task for a first timer so here I have outlined five steps to take in order to get paid out what you deserve:

1. Get all your documents in order.

If you are someone with multiple insurance policies for different parts of your life then the obvious first step is to track down the documents that are relevant to your pubs insurance policy. Having all the correct documents in hand will save you time and confusion from the insurance company when it comes to making a claim. Documents include your policy, receipts and reference numbers.

2. Get reacquainted with your policy.

Once you have all your documents in hand the next step is to read and reread all the documentation to get to back up to speed with what your cover entails. Having a proper understanding of what you are entitled to will ensure you receive the correct compensation.

3. If claiming against damages, get your numbers right.

If you are claiming against damaged equipment, stock and premises then you want to get written quotes of repair and replacement quotes. For any repairs that had to be carried out immediately then make sure you keep receipts. Taking photos of damages is always the best way to prove what damages took place and their severity. Also estimating the lost revenue caused from damages is something you need to carry out.

4.  You have done the groundwork now make the claim.

Once you have all the necessary documents, quotes and evidence of damages it is now time to make your claim. After contacting your insurance provider they will most likely send you a form to fill out. Some insurance companies allow you to make a claim over the phone. When you fill out your claim form make sure you aren’t too modest as this may result in you getting paid out less then you are entitled to.

5. Wait for the news.

Your insurance company will now contact you to inform you if they will meet the cost of all your claims. If the damages are covered by your policy then the insurance company may send out a loss adjuster to assess the amount of compensation that should be paid out. Some insurance companies will send their own repairer to your pub or simply reimburse you for the repair.



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