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Landlord to Foot the Bill After Tenants Wreck Property – Landlord Insurance

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A ‘pack of wild animals’ have purposely destroyed the house they had been renting out for two years when they heard the news that they were moving into new state housing. The party hosted at taxpayers expense left damaged furniture, graffiti on the walls, rotting food and filthy carpets.

Landlord Sean Feeney, 69, went to inspect the property only to find it looking like it belonged in a slum. The retired builder recently had spent £5,000 renovating the property solely so the family had a more liveable house to move in to however he is now looking at £2,000 worth of repairs.

Mr Feeney has been renting out properties for 30 years and says that tenants are leaving properties in worse conditions more and more. In an act of kindness Mr Feeney had even left behind expensive electronics such as a games console and stereo system. It is no surprise that these items were destroyed and left in pieces on the floor.

A tenant from hell is something Mr Feeney isn’t a stranger too. Previous tenants had smashed up every piece of furniture that social services had given them before they moved out. Aside from the damages this orgy of violence caused on the house, taking the furniture to the landfill alone cost £1,000. After the most recent incident Mr Feeney has said he will never take on another tenant who isn’t working.

He said: “After this experience I’ve decided I won’t take any more tenants on housing benefit. It’s more hassle than it’s worth. The tenancy agreements they sign when they first move in aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.”

Another problem Mr Feeney has come across is his tenants not paying their rent on time ever since the government started paying cheques directly to tenants instead of to landlords. He says he has been without rent for 10-12 weeks sometimes as his tenants decide to go to the pub instead of pay their rent.

The worst thing I find about the whole ordeal is the entitlement attitude of these people. The state has given them housing, money and other benefits so the family doesn’t have to do any work and can rely on other people’s hard work yet they still find the need to wreak havoc on people’s property. Now the same family will be moved into a new state house and have the complete freedom to do whatever they like to the property. Landlords beware be sure you have your Landlord Insurance current or get a quote today!

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