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Youngsters Pioneer UK Pub Growth

13 July 2015

British pubs have been struggling over the past few years but now, the latest statistics from Barclay’s show that young landlords are breathing new life into the industry! While pubs have a reputation for being owned by silver haired landlords a new generation of dynamic young entrepreneurs are starting to open their own watering holes…

How to Fire Proof Your Pub

15 June 2015

Fire is a very real danger for both residential and commercial buildings across the UK. Pubs, bars and taverns are not exempt, with irresponsible smokers, faulty kitchen equipment and open hearths all contributing to the danger of a blaze. So what can you do to minimise the risks? Read on for our top tips on…

The Best Beer Gardens from Around the UK

12 June 2015

British summers can be positively blissful, especially when soaking up the sun while lounging around in a beer garden with good company. If you’re planning on indulging in a little down time this summer check out our hand-selected lists of the best places to sip on a cold pint. From London to Glasgow, we’ve got…

How to Slash the Costs of Running a Pub

01 May 2015

With a constant flow of punters, plenty of chatter and good vibes all round, running a pub is definitely one of life’s more exciting professions. However, it can also involve quite a lot of expenses and overheads. This means that it’s important for pub landlords to look for responsible ways to cut costs wherever possible….

Top tips for running a pub

06 April 2015

Beer sales are on the rise, with the latest ‘Beer Barometer’ figures from the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) indicating that total revenue was up by 1.3% in 2014. This put an end to a decade of decline and could result in some great opportunities for people wanting to set up or take over…

10 British Pubs That Are Worth a Pilgrimage

31 October 2014

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – Nottingham Hailed as Britain’s oldest pub, this Nottingham establishment is a must visit watering hole for any pub enthusiast. It was originally used as a pit stop for crusading knights making their way to the Holy Land. Today, it still retains its historic charm!