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How to Slash the Costs of Running a Pub

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pub landlordWith a constant flow of punters, plenty of chatter and good vibes all round, running a pub is definitely one of life’s more exciting professions. However, it can also involve quite a lot of expenses and overheads. This means that it’s important for pub landlords to look for responsible ways to cut costs wherever possible. Want to know more? Read on for some of our top insider tips.

Cut down on food waste

If your pub runs a kitchen, food waste could be a key source of unnecessary expenditure. Have your chef take a look at what’s binned on a nightly, weekly and monthly basis and analyse the results accordingly. 


Get behind the bar

As a pub landlord, every hour you spend behind the bar means one less hourly rate you’ll need to fork out. If you’re willing to spend some time putting in the hard yards, you can easily push your payroll expenses down.


Hang on to your staff

Many business owners simply don’t realise the colossal costs of high staff turnover rates. Plain and simple, it pays to retain your employees. You’ll enjoy a much more productive staff base, as well as cut out the costs of job advertisements, interview and training times.


Use social media

If you have a marketing budget why not replace it with a hard hitting social media campaign? Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are powerful advertising tools that are 100% FREE!


Turn off the lights

Rather than leave your lights blazing all night long, make a conscious effort to flick off the switches when you close the doors for the night. If you leave them on all night and morning, you’re quite literally throwing cash away.


Upgrade equipment

While it may require an initial investment, upgrading your equipment could save you a significant amount on your utilities bills. New boilers are far more efficient than their older counterparts, eco-friendly dishwashers use much less energy, modern ovens don’t guzzle nearly as much gas and even bathroom hand dryers can cut down on electricity use. 


Search for cheaper insurance deals

Insurance is a must for any pub however it’s also one of the biggest annual expenses. Thankfully, quote compare websites allow you to search for the cheapest pub insurance deals on the market in a matter of minutes. You can choose a policy that suits your exact needs, and eliminate any frills or extras that you don’t want to pay for. 

Armed with these tips, you should see a positive difference in your bottom line in no time.

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