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Tasty Marketing Tactics for Pub Food and Drink Offers

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Stalls with fresh vegetables and fruit at market square, Kazimie

Summer is here and the warm weather represents a fantastic opportunity for pub managers to up the ante on their profit strategies. If you want to tap into seasonal cash read on for a handful of hard hitting marketing techniques that can be used


to drive food and d

rink sales up the wall this summer.

Use seasonal ingredients

Brits love seasonal ingredients and are guaranteed to fall for anything that features summer produce. Berries and stone fruits are a particular favourite and can be used in everything from cocktails and pitchers to desserts and main courses. As well as enticing punters with fresh summer flavours seasonal ingredients are far more affordable than spring, autumn and winter produce. This means you can slash your ingredients budget while simultaneously boosting sales.

Launch mid-week friendly menus

The long summer days mean that punters don’t just reserve pub trips for the weekend. Instead, weekdays will often end with a trip to the local watering hole to enjoy a pint and a meal as the sun goes down. Attract these mid-week pub goers with special menus that shine the spotlight on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A different food and drink ‘special’ for each day of the week is a great way to keep things interesting.

Revamp outdoor areas

When the sun is shining we guarantee that indoor pubs are going to feel like utter ghost towns. Instead, punters will be seeking out sun filled courtyards, gardens, patios and verandas where they can enjoy the summer rays while nursing a beer, burger or any other tasty fare that your establishment serves up. Even when the sun goes down customers still love to enjoy balmy evenings under the stars. Revamping your outdoor areas is a great way to attract Brits with an insatiable thirst for the summer sun. If your outdoor space isn’t easily visible from your front entry invest in a blackboard stand and advertise the fact that you have open air options available!

Use social media

Whatever food and drink offers you decide to roll out this summer be sure to shout out about it on social media. Entice followers in with regular announcements of specials, appetising pictures of fare and special offers that they can’t resist.  You can even offer an extra discount for customers that ‘like’ your Facebook page or share your posts.

After implementing these tips you can sit back, enjoy the summer sun and enjoy a marked increase in seasonal profits.

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