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How to maximise your profits this festive season

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Winstub in StrasbourgThe Christmas period is a wildly busy time for pubs and is a great opportunity to make some extra cash. The chilly weather and early sunsets mean people are far more inclined to stay inside, cosy up with friends and rack up a nicely sized bar tab. So what can you do to maximise the profit turning potential of the festive season? Read on for some great ideas that are guaranteed to boost the bottom line of your pub this Christmas!

Office Christmas party packages

Office Christmas parties are hugely popular these days and are a fantastic way for pubs to make some extra cash. Your party strategy can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like. Per head plans usually work well and should include a meal, drinks and something festive such as Christmas crackers. Be sure to place advertising material on your tables and in your windows so everyone knows what you’re offering.

Launch a festive menu

The festive season is the perfect excuse to gobble up tasty treats such as turkey, Yorkshire puddings and Christmas cake. Punters love the option of a festive menu and will appreciate it even if you just add one or two dishes to your existing menu. Of course if you like you can go all out and launch a show stopping festive menu that makes your pub the talk of the town!

Introduce specialty drinks/cocktails

Drinks are another area which can really pull in the Christmas cash. Again your approach can be simple, complex or somewhere in-between. The key is to think about what your clientele will like and cater accordingly. Mulled wine is always a winner, as are Christmas themed cocktails and dark, creamy ales.

Take out pub insurance

Due to the significant increase in patrons your pub will be far more at risk of falling victim to undesirable incidents. This could be anything from accidental breakage and customer injuries to malicious vandalism and theft. Make sure your extra profits don’t get swallowed up by these sorts of scenarios by taking out a specialist pub insurance policy that covers all ground. This will give you the complete peace of mind that the extra income from your Christmas party packages, festive menu and seasonal drink specials doesn’t get eaten up by the cost of repairs and replacements!

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