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5 Steps to Finding Cheaper Health Insurance

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Doctor holding stethoscopeThe latest official NHS figures have revealed that waiting time delays for cancer and other life-saving tests have more than doubled over the past year. For Brits wanting to skip the waiting lists and take immediate action private health insurance is a must. However, not all policies are created equal and often prices can vary immensely. To help you secure the best deal we’ve put together a list of top tips on how to hunt down affordable private health insurance and keep premiums to an absolute minimum.

Combine policies

Many insurers offer customers discounts for amalgamating all of their policies into a single account. As well as health insurance this also includes business insurance, home/contents insurance and any other policy you may have taken out. Think about switching all your policies to one provider and you could save hundreds on your annual premium.

Cut down on frills

Often policies will automatically include a handful of frills and extras that bump up the price. While they are beneficial you can slash the cost of your premium simply by asking for them to be removed. This way you can still enjoy the basics, without having to fork out for extras that you never use.

Choose plans with high deductibles

The most affordable health insurance plans generally come with high deductibles which means you’ll pay more before you can start to claim benefits. For those who don’t go to the doctor often or rarely find themselves needing to claim high deductible policies are a great way to save cash.

Use quote compare websites

There are a plethora of providers out there and it can be an overwhelming task to sift through each and every policy on offer. Instead, we suggest using a quote compare website that uses an intelligent search algorithm to sift through all the best deals on the market. You’ll then be able to access a handful of the cheapest policies on the market that suit your exact needs.

Negotiate with your provider

Sometimes the easiest way to secure a lower priced premium is simply to ask. Explain that you’re shopping around and often customer service assistants will shave off part of the policy price at their discretion. It never hurts to ask!

Why pay more for health insurance when you can use these five handy tips to secure yourself a better deal?

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