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Service Tips for Electric Cars

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Man driving a carThe electric car revolution has rapidly swept the globe, with industry analysts predicting that the eco-friendly vehicles will soon dominate the roads. For motor traders and maintenance providers this means that developing an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of electric vehicles should be a top priority. To help you prepare for the upsurge we’ve put together a list of handy tips on how to keep eco-friendly vehicles in tip top condition.

Work safe

Electric car systems may be efficient and eco-friendly but they can also be dangerous when mishandled. The systems can output up to 650 Volts AC which means it’s essential to use insulated gloves and tools capable of withstanding voltage of up to 1000. High voltage batteries also contain Nickel-Metal-Hydride which can burn the skin and irritate the eyes so protective gear is a must.

Train up

When it comes to safety and quality there is no substitute for skills and experience. Ensure that any employee servicing electric cars has received adequate training and has a thorough understanding of how to complete the job safely and professionally. Adequate motor trade insurance should also be in place, regardless of the level of staff training.

Keep an eye on temperatures

It’s important to remember that electric car batteries don’t do well in high temperatures. For example, if a car is entering a spray oven as part of a bodywork repair job it could be necessary to remove the battery prior to the treatment. Always check heat safe limits as indicated by the manufacturer and comply with them at all times.

Check the tyres

Tyres should be regularly checked and replaced on any vehicle, however it’s particularly important with electric cars as optimum pressure and tread will help maximise mileage. This means drivers will be able to get the most out of every charge.

Monitor batteries

Electric cars are powered solely by batteries which means it’s crucial to stay on top of maintenance. Ideally batteries should be checked on a monthly basis to ensure that all connections are tight terminals are corrosion free. Water levels should be regularly topped up to maintain safe operating temperatures.

Be aware of brush lifespan

When an electric vehicle racks up around 80,000 miles brushes on the motor will need to be replaced.

Armed with these maintenance and service tips you can ensure that you offer your customers an exceptional level of care and attention to detail when it comes to keeping green wheels in tip top condition.

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