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What’s next for electric cars?

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electric powered car iconsElectric cars are rapidly gaining popularity and what was once thought of as a far off futuristic concept is now a 21st century reality! While there are now plenty of electric cars zipping around British roads there are still some exciting developments on the horizon. Electric cars are now in their third generation and in 2015 manufacturers are set to roll out some cutting edge advancements that will make them more efficient and more appealing than ever before. Want to know more? Read on for our insider’s guide to what’s next for the electric car industry.

Augmented efficiency

One of the biggest stigmas people have about electric cars is their inability to deliver on-road efficiency. While electric cars have previously had to rely on frequent charge station stops to keep them on the move, the newer models will be capable of competing with petrol powered engines. Inductive charging (the ability to charge batteries without having to physically connect to a power source) will also make the entire experience much easier.

Advanced lithium air batteries

When next generation lithium air batteries become standard, electric cars will be able to offer drivers the same power and energy of their standard gas counterparts.

Lighter builds

Without the need for heavy mechanical engines electric cars are already significantly lighter than petrol powered vehicles. In 2015 models will be even zippier as engineers look at new ways to incorporate feather light materials into the build process.

Electric cars lose their stigma

Thanks to long-lasting engine charges, enhanced power and sleeker designs, 2015 is set to be the year that electric cars lose their long-standing stigma. Rather than be ridiculed for their lack of power, electric cars will re-emerge as serious contenders in efficiency, power and style. Also, making eco-friendly buying choices is becoming cooler! 

Stylish designs

Drivers have a predetermined infatuation with aesthetics and up until now, electric cars haven’t been able to compete with standard petrol models. This year an influx of sleek, stylish and streamlined models will shake up the market and reinvent electric cars as a discerning choice for motorists.

New market contenders

At the moment an elite clique of car manufacturers seem to be dominating the electric car market.  However according to industry analysts this could soon change, with companies such as Apple claiming to have electric car developments in the making! Could the iCar be the next biggest thing to hit British roads?

Specialised insurance

As electric cars become increasingly popular the insurance market will begin to adapt to the new phenomenon with specialised insurance policies designed exclusively for the next generation battery powered vehicles. 

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