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What Convictions can Impact my Insurance?

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silhouette of the person in the conclusionAll homeowners should protect themselves with household insurance, however many policy holders don’t understand the small print when it comes to convictions. Even minor incidents can render conventional insurance policies null and void. To clear up the confusion we’ve taken a look at what sorts of convictions are likely to have an effect on policy eligibility.

Spent and unspent convictions

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, homeowners are only required to disclose unspent convictions. After a certain amount of time has elapsed some convictions will become ‘spent’ which means they can no longer be held against you. In comparison, simple cautions, reprimands and final warnings don’t need to be divulged when seeking out insurance.

So what convictions do count? Below is a list of some of the most common crimes that must be disclosed.

  • Prison sentence

If you’ve done time your insurance provider absolutely needs to know about it. They’ll ask for details on the nature of the offence, as well as how long you spent behind bars.

  • Penalties for littering

Britain has harsh penalties in place for litter bugs and it’s not uncommon to be slapped with a fine simply for dropping a chocolate bar wrapper on the ground. While littering is considered a minor offence you’ll still need to let your insurer know that you’ve been stung.

  • Speeding fines

Whether you’ve clocked up a single ticket or have had your license revoked due to a string of fines, speeding convictions should always be disclosed.

  • Community orders

Often judges will issue offenders with a community order if the offence is not deemed serious enough to warrant a prison sentence. While community orders are generally applied to less serious offences insurers still need to know all the details surrounding the incident.

  • Compensation orders

If you’ve ever received a court order to pay out compensation to another party your insurance provider will need to be informed.

Everyone deserves a second chance which is why many insurance providers offer ex-offenders household insurance. Designed especially for homeowners with previous criminal convictions, the policies provide cover for major catastrophes such as fire, burglary, water damage, floods, earthquakes, explosions and more. Remember, it’s the responsibility of the policy holder to disclose any previous criminal convictions, regardless of how minor or major they are. If you’re convicted of an offence while already covered by a policy you’ll need to inform your provider and check whether or not you’re still eligible for your current cover.

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