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The Big Freeze Is Coming! Vital News For Landlords

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With all the recent flooding in the UK it appears we are now in for a big freeze so as a landlord, as well as your landlord insurance, it may be prudent to take out an emergency assistance insurance policy.

frozentapIn April 2007 it became a legal requirement in England and Wales that all fitted boilers must be condensing. Bearing this in mind, there are now millions of properties which will be at risk of their boilers breaking down as the water from drain pipes can freeze, quickly backing up the water and causing the boiler to cut out. It is easy enough to prevent this by insulating or lagging the pipes yourself.

. Apparently only three out of five women and four out of five men know the location of the stopcock.

Probably best not to ignore it!
Probably best not to ignore it!

A few weeks ago a fine of £34.5million was handed out by the Financial Conduct Authority to one of the major players in the emergency assistance insurance sector for misselling expensive policies, hard sell tactics and claims of cover that didn’t exist.

An emergency assistance policy available through Comparecrazy comes at a competitive premium and incorporates the following cover:

  • Dedicated 24 hour telephone number for assistance 365 days a year
  • Up to £500 for emergency repairs in the event of:
  • Burst pipes or sudden leakage
  • Failure of your domestic water mains or electricity supply
  • Blocked drains or sewers
  • Failure of your domestic heating system
  • Inoperable toilet
  • Failure or damage to your property’s locks, doors or windows
  • An infestation of pests
  • Up to £100 for overnight accommodation should your property become uninhabitable

The policy also incorporates a comprehensive landlords legal expenses policy which encompasses cover for property legal disputes, rent recovery and court attendance allowances.

With a quotation for an emergency assistance insurance policy through Comparecrazy, you’ll receive a full policy summary incorporating any significant exclusions which you can peruse at your leisure. There’s no hard sell here at, just competitive, comprehensive policies that speak for themselves. The business insurance comparison site!

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