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Under any insurance policy which incorporates theft insurance, an insurer will rightly ask for certain preventative measures to be in place by the insured. For example if you have a high value car it may be a prerequisite that there is a tracker device fitted. If you are insuring a jeweller’s shop they will be insistent on Redcare or something similar to be in place on the building’s alarm system. However there are certain circumstances that you just can’t imagine happening. 

Please use other footpath... as this one's now on my patio!
Please use other footpath… as this one’s now on my patio!

What preventative measures could you possibly take to prevent a brazen group of individuals from stealing a pavement for example? Because this is exactly what has happened in the historic town of Rochester in Kent, where some cheeky fellas set up some fake roadworks signage and barriers, then proceeded to rip up a seventy two foot stretch of pavement on St. Margaret’s Street which runs near the heart of the historic town near the cathedral and castle. 

The paving was old York stone which has been used for centuries in construction for its workability , durability and lovely colour. The value of the stolen pavement is estimated to be around £7,000. I must admit, I am familiar with York stone as I was involved in the laying of the York slabbing in the Bullring in Birmingham circa 2005, a story of which I will be posting in a future blog! But for now, I think the relevance is that I have an inkling that it will not be an insurer that will be paying out for the repairs if the slabs are not found but the good old council tax payer! Apparently a 35 year old man has been arrested in connection with the incident but has been released on police bail, probably because he didn’t have any slabs in his pockets at the time of his arrest.

The kerbs are actually worth more, the muppets!
The kerbs are actually worth more, the muppets!

Still, the fact still remains that no matter what precautions you take, or whatever precautions are insisted upon by your insurance company, there’s always some little blighter out there who wants to profit from ruining your day. So for any insurance policy that incorporates theft insurance cover, come to The business insurance comparison site!

Remember too if there isn’t a specific link to what you’re looking for, you can always e mail me, and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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