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Take Away Insurance (But Not If You’re Number 1!)

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Our brokers here at have some great schemes for take away insurance, but there are some businesses they’d probably not want to insure come hell or high water! Take the Tiger King Chinese takeaway in Portsmouth for example. In the press recently for some appalling practices, Richard Lee, Portsmouth City Council’s Environmental Health Manager said it was one of the worst hygiene breaches he had seen in 20 years, and closed the business immediately.

Chicken In A Basket? Erm.. Or A Bucket?!
Chicken In A Basket? Erm.. Or A Bucket?!

The owner, Daniel Fan was subsequently prosecuted by the council, and banned from running any food based business for 6 months, fined £5,000 and had to pay £1,253 in costs at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to five offences relating to food hygiene.

Mr. Lee said after the case, ‘The problems we found at Tiger King were some of the worst we’ve ever encountered. The deterioration in the standards was considerable over a short period of time. The operator was putting the health of his customers at considerable risk and, consequently, I’m pleased with the decision of the court.’

Now Wash Your Hands! Eeeewww!
Now Wash Your Hands! Eeeewww!

Upon entering the premises for a surprise inspection after a tip off from a member of the public, a horrified Mr. Lee found all the regular practises under these circumstances such as mouse infestation and droppings, food stored on dirty low shelves etc. but also found a chicken defrosting in a bucket on the floor, a vile toilet with no seat, and no facilities for the staff to wash their hands.

The Lights Went Out For This Take Away Owner!
The Lights Went Out For This Take Away Owner!

The potential for public liability claims was overwhelming, and the takeaway was ‘awarded’ the lowest possible score of 1 in the Scores On The Doors Scheme, a Food Standards Agency initiative administered by local councils to identify to the general public where you would be happy, or in this case, not happy purchasing food.

It may be worth noting if you are a takeaway owner that some insurers give considerable discounts for the maximum score of 5, as these establishments are generally spotless and hence the possibility of a claim is significantly reduced so if you have a good scores on the doors result, give us a try here at for competitive take away insurance. If you have anything less than a 2 however, best stop reading this and get the mop and bleach out! The business insurance comparison site!

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