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Public Liability – Coke makes a coke up!

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Products liability insurance, normally a bolt on to public liability insurance on commercial combined and retail package insurance policies can be useful if for example you become legally liable in the event that you have an unforeseen problem with goods you are supplying.

I’m not so sure if Coca Cola will have too many public liability insurance claims against them after their most recent blunder however. Apparently they have had to cancel a disastrous promotional campaign in Canada whereby customers were supposed to collect bottle tops with randomly generated words to create humourous sentences.

As we know, there are both French speakers and English speakers in Canada so words were printed in both French and English so everyone could have a go.

Unfortunately for a certain lady from Alberta, whilst taking a refreshing drink she noticed the words “YOU RETARD” printed under the cap (retard being French for late), the offence of which was doubly exacerbated by the fact that her younger sister suffers from cerebral palsy and autism.

After a rather stern letter to the powers that be at Coke, the family received a full apology and rightly so. However it left Coca Cola with no option but to withdraw the promotion completely, especially as there were other words which could have been lost in translation such as “DOUCHE” which is French for shower but in American English apparently takes on a more offensive meaning!

And the moral of the story is if a company the size of Coca Cola can make such a blunder, it pays to be fully covered for every eventuality, whether you need retail package insurance or commercial combined insurance.

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