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Recently in the press there was a case in the south of England where a catering trailer exploded in the early hours of the morning, sending shrapnel forty feet into the air and showering the nearby area with shards of glass and probably some rather well done burgers and hot dogs although these reports are not confirmed!. Whilst on the outside it looked as though the owner was clearly consciencious of the risk of the trailer being stolen insofar as the trailer was kept overnight in a secure compound which was fully covered by CCTV, unforeseen circumstances can always be just around the corner and if you are running a business there are certainly not enough hours in the day to be constantly thinking of and worrying about every eventuality.

So when in the early hours of the morning the whole thing nigh on vapourised due to the ignition of a leaking gas canister, I am sure the owners would have been grateful for a comprehensive catering van insurance policy ensuring they were not left out of pocket and with no means of income.

Catering Trailer Insurance

It is not known how the explosion occurred, whether it was ignited by a cigarette end or by an electrical appliance such as a refrigerator turning itself on. However what is for sure is that there was over £10,000 worth of damage, not only to the trailer itself but to surrounding vehicles all of which would have incurred legal liability to the owners of the catering trailer.

Fortunately the explosion took place very early in the morning so no people were injured but the ramifications of an uninsured catering trailer exploding and causing serious injury or death are colossal legally which is why it is essential to have public liability insurance in place.

Bearing this in mind, make sure you’re fully covered by obtaining a catering van insurance quote from today. The business insurance comparison site.

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