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Not All Bad – Employers Liability Insurance Blog Update!

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My recent blog with regard to a survey carried out by a popular energy drink manufacturer must have come as a bit of a shock to many employers, if the figures were to be believed, as to the proportion of office workers who enjoy a bit of a snooze at work and the amount of time spent zedding.

I have come across another survey, this time carried out by Microsoft Office in respect of workers’ productivity throughout the week. In this particular survey, there is no mention whatsoever of any snoozing going on. There is however a conclusion drawn that the average office worker is at their most efficient at exactly 10:01 on a Monday morning, proving that the Boomtown Rats got it completely wrong!

According to the survey, Monday morning is the best time to tackle a ‘to do list’, although if this list has not been completed by close of play on Monday, the chances of completing it falls dramatically with up to two thirds of those surveyed admitted to not completing it at all, with procrastination playing a major part under the guise of ‘not having enough time’.

49% of those surveyed keep a to do list at work and 56% keep one at home. The most efficient groups were workers in Wales, with 75% saying they regularly completed their ‘work’ to do list. In respect of the ‘home’ to do list, people in East Anglia apparently are the best at completing their tasks.

A field, in East Anglia, which is full of turnips!
A field, in East Anglia, which is full of turnips!

Now far be it from me to deride any singular group of people, but some of the tasks on the ‘home’ to do list included ‘shopping’, ‘cleaning’, and ‘buying birthday cards’. Do people really have to make a list to do something like cleaning? Maybe it’s just me but if my home needs a clean I just clean it! I don’t need to put it on a list to remind me to do it! But anyway, to the people of East Anglia I’d just like to say ‘well done you!’

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