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Landlords insurance policies can vary greatly in price dependant on the type of tenant. For example a house with a working couple living in it would be considerably cheaper to insure than a similar property jammed to the rafters with asylum seekers. Somewhere within this scale, although on the slightly more expensive side, comes student tenants insurance. Most students are really no trouble at all, if a little messy and untidy, but I’ve had a little scout around the web to give you landlords an idea of what you may be looking at should you decide to accept students as tenants in your property.

Student tenants insurance
Do you mind? I’m trying to study!

Well this one’s an absolute clincher for me. Swansea University student Sam Roberts is in her final year studying politics and in her spare time practices pole dancing four times a week in her bedroom. An out and out feminist, Sam, who has been ballet dancing since the age of five, said that she would not pole dance for money. This in my humble opinion is a crying shame. Never mind, so long as the rent gets paid Sam!

At a slightly more hectic end of the scale is Regent House in Plymouth. Considered to be the biggest student house in the country, it houses 32 undergraduates from Plymouth University, studying subjects as varied as civil engineering and business to fine art and midwifery, when they are not partying. The house was originally four Victorian terraced houses which were knocked through to facilitate a nursing home up until the 1990s when it became communal accommodation. Most of the rooms are en suite, although there are 22 other toilets and seven shower rooms dotted here and there. I should imagine there’s chaos on bath night though as there is only one bath.

student tenants insurance
These eggs are taking a while to boil!

The building also benefits from three kitchens containing four washing machines, five fridges, five freezers and four ovens. There are three cleaners on site six days a week to deal with the remnants of the 100 tins of beans, 50 pot noodles, 150 takeaways, 150 cans of cider and 500 cans of beer that are consumed by the students on an average weekly basis. I think I want to move in! I would in fairness however, rather be the landlord as the house brings in over £11,500 per month in rent.

So if you need student tenants insurance, look no further than The business insurance comparison site!   

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