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New Convertible Cars Announced for this Year

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Whilst the weather this week is set to get colder (and maybe even snow!) it doesn’t stop us from looking at the new convertible cars that have been announced by three of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. Mercedes, BMW, and Bentley have all released new convertible models that are sure to take the market by storm when the weather becomes a bit warmer, so motor traders should make sure their motor trade insurance policies cover convertible vehicles now before they invest in these new models!

The Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

The new convertible by Mercedes is soon to join the E-class range as a revamp of the drop-top E-Class Cabriolet and its Coupe sibling. The front of the vehicle will be changed the most, as it will gain a V-shaped nose and a new headlight style so that it looks sportier whilst retaining the ‘four eyes’ looks of the E-Class Sedan. Mercedes are also including in the new model what they call “intelligent drive”, which is a state-of-the-art sensor system that uses radar sensors and stereo video cameras to give drivers information on what is happening up to 1,640 feet ahead of the car.

The BMW Z4 Roadster

The new Z4 will be available in dealerships as soon as spring, and will come with a choice of a four or six cylinder engine that can provide between 240 and 350 horsepower. After the success of the BMW Z1 the announcement of the Z4 has created a lot of excitement in the motor trade industry, and we are sure to see a lot of this model on the road during the summer time.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed

This convertible is sure to tempt adrenaline junkies across the UK as Bentley are claiming that it will be the fastest one ever, with a whopping top speed of 202mph! Not only that, but the new vehicle will also include a 12-cylinder engine, 616 horsepower, a 6.0 litre engine, diamond-quilted hide upholstery, and a custom cabin that comes with a trim made from your choice of fine wood veneers. Bentley hasn’t released a price yet, but we are sure you are going to need some top notch motor trade insurance before you start taking this car out for test drives!

Convertible cars are great to sell during the summer time, but make sure you have them covered by motor trade insurance – you never know how many customers you are going to have who are going to want to try out these new models!

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