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How to Deal with Tenants Smoking in your Properties

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There are numerous problems you may encounter with tenants once you start renting out your properties, however smoking is probably one of the most common. Most landlords these days flat-out refuse to let their tenants smoke in their properties mainly due to the fact that cigarettes can cause damages such as burns in furnishings and upholsteries. Furthermore, if the tenant is a heavy smoker it could lead to damage to the walls and ceilings, or in the worst of cases even cause a fire if a cigarette is left alight in a dangerous place. Here is our advice on what to do should you are concerned about your tenants smoking.

Have a watertight Tenancy Agreement

The most important thing to do first is make sure that your tenancy agreements have a clause that forbids your tenants from smoking in your properties. Part of this clause could include what will happen if there is any smoke damage to your property, and how much you expect your tenants to pay. You could even add that you have the right to evict tenants who continuously smoke in your properties.

Make sure you are Covered

If tenants do smoke in your properties (and it is highly likely you will have one that does eventually!) then make sure you have landlords insurance that can pay for any repairs that need to be made due to smoke damage whilst you are attempting to get the money off of your tenant. Don’t forget the guilty party may not have the funds to pay you straight away, but with landlords insurance you won’t have to wait for them to find the cash before you can start fixing any problems.

Gather your Evidence

If you do eventually decide to evict your tenant before their contract is up, make sure you take photos of the damage caused to the property by smoke. Also make sure you take photos of used ash trays or burns to any furnishings so that if the case does go to court you have irrefutable evidence. Also don’t forget that landlords insurance helps pay for legal costs, so make sure you call them as soon as you decide to remove the offending tenant.

We hope that you will not have to face any problems when it comes to smoking in your property, and if you do most of the time if you talk to your tenants and remind them of their tenancy agreement they will not do it again. However, if you do face any more problems make sure you know what to do to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

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