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Bouncy Castle Horror Story Highlights Importance of Insurance

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bouncy castle hireWhile bouncy castles are supposed to be fun they don’t come without their risks. This has been proven time and time again by an ongoing series of news stories which report bouncy castle horror stories from across the globe.


The latest disaster took place in New Zealand and saw two six year girls thrown from an inflatable toy erected at the local Egmont A&P Show. The disaster was caused by a freak gust of wind which swept through the field and ripped the bouncy castle from its riggings. Thankfully, the two girls were thrown from the castle before it was propelled six metres into the air!

Justin Mills is the father of one of the lucky girls and was also on hand to witness the shocking event. “I knew there were children in there so I just went running,” he recalls. “Then my daughter came toward me, she was totally freaked out. Thank goodness she didn’t drop out from a mighty height. It went up a distance, it was pretty freaky.”

The show was supposed to be a fun family friendly event however the nightmarish bouncy castle incident cast a grisly shadow over Egmont. As expected a full investigation into health and safety regulations is now underway, with event organisers remaining notably tight lipped when asked for their take on the situation. 

“The children received no serious injuries and show organisers were grateful for the instant service provided by the medics on site” reads a statement issued by Egmont A&P Show event organisers. “The pair received bruises and scrapes from their unexpected plight and were able to go home with their parents.”

Running a bouncy castle business is a great way to turn a profit and is guaranteed to be a lot more interesting than your average 9-5 office job. That said, responsibility is absolutely essential and the number one way to do this is to cover your business with a comprehensive bouncy castle insurance policy. As well as providing your customers with exceptional service and support you’ll also make sure that you receive financial help should operations go pear shaped. If your bouncy castle is blown away by a freak gust of wind you can rest assured that you will receive complete support from an expert insurance company.


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