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Bicycle Insurance Blog – The Wig’s Fallen Off!

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It has come to my attention that this year’s Tour de France will be without Sir Bradley Wiggins, winner of the 2012 event, and the first Brit to do so. Contrary to what has been reported in the press, this is nothing to do with a possible spat with Chris Froome, his fellow rider at Team Sky, and the winner of last year’s Yellow Jersey. It is in fact because Sir Bradley has had an accident whilst out cycling and is having to make a claim on his bicycle insurance, arranged, of course, through Comparecrazy!

bicycle insurance
Sir Bradley Wiggins – Modfather

Sir Bradley, also known as the Modfather, who penned such classics as Eton Rifles and Going Underground whilst fronting The Jam back in the day, exclusively told one of our brokers:

“I’m so glad now I took out that bicycle insurance with you guys at Comparecrazy, I’d be in trouble now if I hadn’t. As well as covering my velocipede for theft, both at and away from home, I got public liability cover too.” He continued “The thing is, I was on my way to Abbey Road to record my latest single and admittedly I was in a bit of a hurry. Studio time doesn’t come cheap these days and it’s hard to get a slot because of all these teenage wannabe bassdrum & tech housecore guys. They all come from wealthy middle class backgrounds and they can afford it, I just ride a bike.”

bicycle insurance
Paul Weller – Snubbed The Queen

When quizzed further about the incident, Sir Bradley said “The thing was, I was cycling in Muswell Hill and a load of guys wearing fishtail parkas started cheering and waving, some were singing lyrics from ‘A Town Called Malice’ and others were on lambrettas with loads of mirrors. As I turned to acknowledge them the glare from the sun through all those mirrors was so intense it melted my Oakleys causing me to momentarily lose vision. I don’t remember a lot about it but the next thing I knew I’d gone through a plate glass window display and woke up with broken plasma screen TVs all around me.”

Despite what was clearly a serious incident, Sir Bradley was still in good humour. “Bang goes the no claims bonus hey” he said as he added that the fact he had bicycle insurance through Comparecrazy had alleviated some of the stress.

Sir Bradley Wiggins’ lates album ‘More Modern Classics’ is now available, but sadly not at Woolworths. Incidentally, Paul Weller declined to comment. Well he would wouldn’t he, he declined a CBE in the 2007 New Year’s Honours list.

So for bicycle insurance it has to be The business insurance comparison site!

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