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The top 7 worst on-screen car chases

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escape from laSince the early days of film car flicks have emerged as one of the industry’s most popular genres. Over the years we’ve seen some pretty spectacular chase scenes, from Steve McQueen’s nail biting San Francisco flight to the total carnage that plays out in Gone in 60 Seconds. Yet for every crowd pleasing car chase there’s also a director that’s got it horribly wrong! We’ve singled out five of the most cringe worthy on-screen car chases that should be avoided at all costs!

1.   Speed Zone

Also known as Cannonball Fever, 1989’s Speed Zone revolves around an illegal cross-country race participated in by a band of last minute misfits. The film involves a Lamborghini being skipped across a lake which is so laughably impossible it’s almost funny.

speed zone

2.   200 M.P.H

The name of this film alone is enough to make us a little sceptical as to its quality. The final race scene confirms all suspicions, featuring awful acting, horrific CGI and lacklustre cars.


3.   Escape from L.A

This one definitely takes the prize for a ridiculously over the top chase. As well as featuring a bizarre simultaneous surf/car race scene the special effects just don’t match up to the director’s wacky vision!

escape from la

4.   Smokey and the Bandit

When it comes to car chase scenes one of the major rules of thumb is that there needs to be a slight element of possibility, just to make viewers believe the on-screen action could be real.  Smokey and the Bandit shuns this theory completely and replaces it with ridiculously impossible jumps, spins and car decapitations. Points for creativity though!


5.   Speed

We love Sandra Bullock but this film takes implausibility to a whole new level. There is just no way the bus could have made the final jump across the bridge!


6.   Fast and Furious 5

The Fast and Furious franchise has treated us to some pretty epic car chase scenes over the years however we have to draw the line at the fifth instalment. The laws of physics don’t seem to apply to this film’s vehicles because that vault just keeps on rolling and rolling!


7.   Alluda Majaka

Bollywood has bought us some fantastic films however we’re not quite sure that it’s ready for car chases just yet… Alluda Majaka proves our point and takes implausible to a whole new level with flying motorcycles, soaring FJ40s and even a few horses thrown in for good measure!


Did we miss anything out? Let us know what your number one cringe worthy car chase scene is!

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