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Top 5 Sectors Where Public Liability Insurance Is 100% Essential

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Traditional black cab in London, UKIf you run a business that deals with visiting customers and clients, public liability insurance is an absolute essential. From minor cuts and bruises to fatal accidents and injuries, when it occurs on your premise, you are held responsible. To help you gauge whether or not your business needs cover, we’ve put together a brief overview of the top five sectors which are most likely to fall victim to public liability insurance claims.

Retail shops

As an industry built around in-store customers, retail shops are one of the most at risk sectors. Regardless of what a shop sells, its customers face an array of dangers, from loose fittings and stray stock to electrical faults and slippery floors. Even the smallest of claims can quickly lead to a drained company bank account.


When alcohol is thrown into the mix, the risk of accidents and injuries instantly increases. One of the major risks is spilt drinks that could lead to slips, trips and falls. Another serious issue is broken glass. Pub insurance is specially designed to cover patrons and ensure that businesses are able to pay up in a worst case scenario.


As a central part of the hospitality industry, cafés face all the usual risks. When serving up food and drink cafés instantly make themselves vulnerable to food poisoning claims. The presence of hot beverages ups the danger of customer injuries and burns while faulty furniture is also considered a hazard.

Motor traders

Whether it’s dropping off a faulty vehicle of collecting a serviced car, customers visiting motor trade businesses face an array of risks. The sheer nature of an operational garage is enough to get alarm bells ringing. From stray tools to dangerous machinery, it’s critical that motor trader protect themselves with a comprehensive insurance policy.

Leisure industry

Being in the business of leisure isn’t all fun and games. In fact, it can often be far more dangerous than many conventional roles. For example, bouncy castle business owners can be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or deaths occurring as a result of their service. Other leisure and inflatable based businesses also face hefty public liability claims, including ball ponds, rodeo bulls, sumo wrestling suits and Velcro Olympics operators.


When ferrying people through the streets it’s essential to be covered with a taxi insurance policy. In the case of an on-road accident, taxi drivers will be expected to cover any medical and compensation costs. Without the help of insurance cover, this can bankrupt a business.

Public liability insurance is simply an expense you can’t afford to skip, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Check out the best comparison websites to ensure your business gets the best deal.

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