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They say ‘there’s nowt as queer as folk’. This is abundantly clear as far as hotel guests go if the reports are to be believed of items left behind by guests upon departure by a major UK hotel chain. Whilst most hotels have a disclaimer that items are left at their owners’ risk, comprehensive hotel insurance policies usually make a provision for guests’ belongings up to a certain value. According to Travelodge, which has 500 hotels incorporating 30,000 rooms, an extensive array of bizarre items were left behind in 2013 including the following:

Brighton – A premarital agreement from a wealthy man who lived in Cheshire which listed an extensive spousal maintenance package if the marriage didn’t work out.

Frimley – An owl called Hedwig (after visiting a Country Show where it was being exhibited).

Colwyn Bay – A pet tarantula called Hercules

Torquay – An unworn ‘Vera Wang’ wedding dress as worn by Kim Kardashain, value approx £5,000. Unfortunately, they could not track the customer down. The hotel manager wrote to the customers via letter which was returned as ‘unknown address’. They then contacted the wedding dress shop to see if customer left any details. Still no claimant.

Tewkesbury – A 6ft wooden cross that was used in a re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

London Bank – A Vertu mobile worth £10K which was still in its packaging.

Cardiff Atlantic Wharf – A wooden foot which was wearing an old orange sock. (The foot was a lucky charm for a method actor who took it to all of his performances to help bring him good luck).

Guildford – Deeds to a £2 million house which were left beside a photo album of a large house in the country.

Yep. Definitely A Cardboard Cutout!
Yep. Definitely A Cardboard Cutout!

Chelmsford – A suitcase containing a collection of Beatles records & a life size cardboard cut out of Joey Essex from the Only Way is Essex.

Ringwood – A bus pass from the Netherlands – The owner collected the bus pass 10 months later but called the hotel every month to ensure they still had it. Interestingly the expiry date expired within the 10 month window.

London Covent Garden – An iPad 3 – the couple who left the tablet flew back from Italy to pick it up. (This was left on the day the iPad 3 was launched to the public and the couple had come to the Apple store in Covent Garden to purchase it).

Cambridge Newmarket Road – A pair of rowing boat oars.

Dorking – A disabled walker aid – Interestingly the customer managed to leave without it.

Newcastle Central – A lady left behind a bag of four bespoke lipsticks. She sent a 24 hour courier to collect them and arranged for them to be sent via air mail to the USA so that they arrived at the same time as she did.

Birmingham Bull Ring – A life size chocolate man.

Where would you get a life size chocolate man from more to the point?! So, in conclusion, if you do accidentally leave belongings in a hotel room and they go missing, it may be worth pursuing through the hotel’s insurer, and in the same token, if you own a hotel, make sure you get covered with a fully comprehensive hotel insurance policy at the right price, strangely enough available here at The business insurance comparison site! 

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