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Pub Owner Received a £300,000 Pub Insurance Payout After Flood Damage

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Flooding signA pub ravaged by flood damage has received an insurance payout of £300,000. The Haven Inn, in North Lincolnshire, was damaged last december when a tidal surge flooded the entire ground floor. The pub was filled with two feet of water, damaging carpet and furniture beyond repair.

The tidal surge came and went quickly however the function room and kitchen were entirely covered in silt, leaving electrics, plumbing and cellar equipment all damaged. The pub also had to throw out pans, pots and serving utensils due to a risk that they were contaminated.

The night of the surge created chaos for the publican, Gillian Bayram, who was wading through the water trying to salvage what he could and rescuing his dog from the rising water levels. In the immediate aftermath of the flood, Mr Bayram was confident that his insurance would cover the damage however the claim took longer to process then he had expected as insurance companies were receiving claims from everyone within the region.

The pub was closed down for 5 months while an entire refit of the building took place. A project manager was brought on to conduct the restoration due to the size of the job. The pub was able to retained its original layout however it received a complete makeover in terms of decor.

The Haven Inn was an extremely popular pub among the local community and it is hoped by Mr Bayram that the absence of being opened hasn’t led locals to finding an alternative watering hole.

The insurance company which The Haven Inn had their pub insurance policy with paid out the full cost of repairs as well as loss of earning which were said to be “extensive”. Without pub insurance there would be no chance of the pub reopening as the repair costs continued to climb during the fit out.

When the pub reopened, the owner and staff were amazed by the turnout they received. News of the pub opening got around by word of mouth and by 7pm on their first night opening, the bar was standing room only. Mr Bayram said he was grateful for the support he received from the community and was humbled by the turnout.

Confronting natural disasters is a reality that all publicans face. It is important that owners are prepared with proper pub insurance in place so that when the time comes, they have the cover to protect them and get their business up and running again. Crazy Compare allows you to browse a range of insurance policies, allowing you to choose the right insurance for your pub.

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