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London Taxis Lined Up On SidewalkBlack cabs are relied upon by millions of residents across the UK, from navigating chock-a-block city streets during rush hour to ferrying merrymakers between local pubs and suburban homes. While day to day operations are generally drama free, taxi drivers still face a number of risks that could jeopardise their personal safety, the safety of their passengers and the condition of their vehicle. To help you gauge an idea of just how important it is to take out adequate taxi insurance, we’ve put together this brief overview covering some of the most recent news stories.


The assault and robbery of an Essex taxi driver is the latest high profile taxi case to hit the headlines. After collecting four men and a woman from a local pub, the 50 year old taxi driver from Harlow was taken by the neck and forced to hand over his wallet, £190 in, a Samsung smartphone and the keys to the cab. As well as losing valuable possessions, the driver also suffered from cuts, bruises and anxiety.

Stolen vehicles

While the previous theft happened late at night, a Humberside taxi driver was left high and dry in broad daylight while helping an elderly passenger to her front door. The gesture of good will took a turn for the worst when an opportunistic man jumped in the driver’s seat and sped away.


A Waterloo taxi company was left to foot a hefty bill after vandals doused five of its brand new vehicles with paint stripper. The estimated cost was over £15,000 and while the company could afford to cover the damage this time, the company manager admitted the business would face bankruptcy if a similar attack happened again.


Taxis are just as vulnerable to accidents as any other vehicle on the road. From minor ailments to serious hospital worthy injuries, it is essential to take out an insurance policy that has you covered in case any of your passengers are injured.  Legal costs and compensation pay-outs can be extremely expensive and sometimes impossible to afford without cover.

If you’re a cabbie, it’s essential to take out a comprehensive taxi insurance policy that protects you from the associated risks. At Compare Crazy, you’ll find a comprehensive database of the most experienced taxi insurance brokers in the UK. It’s as simple as filling out a quote form, siting through the results and choosing the right policy for your business.

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