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An exhibition running from 13th February until late September 2014 at the Natural History Museum in London is set to showcase the earliest occupants of what we now call Britain. Way before the Romans, Vikings and Saxons, the exhibition is centred around Neanderthals including artefacts recently found on a Norfolk caravan park, said to be evidence of the earliest known settlers in Britain. Where did they obtain competitive caravan insurance in a pre-Comparecrazy world?

Homo Antecessor Settled In A Caravan Park?
Homo Antecessor Settled In A Caravan Park?

Manor Caravan Park in Happisburgh, Norfolk has recently been in the press due to an archaeological discovery of fossilised animal bones and a collection of stone tools which have been dated to over a million years old. Scientists believe that these are the earliest evidence found so far of human existence in this country, and although there have as yet been no fossilised human bones found, they believe that the artefacts would have come from around the time of the existence of Homo Erectus, or possibly Homo Antecessor, both primitive predecessors of Homo Sapiens, or us.

Anyone Know Where The Shower Block Is?!
Anyone Know Where The Shower Block Is?!

These creatures stood between 5’6” and 6’, and weighed between 9st and 14st. They had stronger brows and bigger teeth than modern humans – but also smaller brains and potentially even displayed cannibalistic behaviour, so not a lot has changed in Norfolk over the years! As Norfolk has one of the fastest eroding coastlines in Britain, new discoveries such as this are becoming commonplace.

It is entirely possible that this early settlement was not a £15 a night caravan park a million years ago complete with coin operated hot showers, but if it was, I’m sure that these Neanderthals would have come to Comparecrazy for their caravan insurance, if Comparecrazy had existed. As it stands, you don’t need a sloping forehead to get competitive caravan insurance quote here at The business insurance comparison site!

(N.B. Cover is excluded for any damage caused by mammoths or sabre tooth cats)

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