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Bouncy castle disaster highlights necessity for adequate insurance

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Jumping girlBouncy castles are supposed to be fun however when not properly set up they can spell disaster. A recent incident in the USA highlights the absolute importance of ensuring that bouncy castles are safe, secure and 100% gust proof. It also reinforces the fact that specialist bouncy castle insurance should be at the top of any bouncy castle hire business’s list.

The incident occurred in South Glens Fall, New York and saw two young boys thrown from the inflatable plaything as it was blown 50 feet into the air by a freak gust of wind. A 10 year old girl was also playing in the bouncy castle when it took flight however she managed to escape in the early stages. Witnesses described the scene as something out of a horror movie and couldn’t believe their eyes when the giant castle took flight.

bouncy castle

The bouncy castle takes flight! Image via: The Mirror

The two boys were aged just five and six and gave their parents quite the fright when they fell from the castle as it reached around 15 feet. Thankfully the pair survived the incident however both suffered from serious injuries, with one even landing on a nearby parked car.  One broke both of his arms while the other was rushed to hospital with severe head injuries.

“It was like a horror movie – it just kept going up and up. It cleared our building and the trees,” recalls witness Taylor Seymour in an interview with the Post-Star. The wind “picked the structure up and spun it around, as if it was in a small tornado,” he adds.

According to the local police on the scene the incident was a “freak accident” caused by an unexpected gust of wind. After reaching a height of around 50 feet the castle lost momentum and went on to land in a nearby park.

While most bouncy castle hire businesses take all the necessary steps to ensure their service is safe, sometimes accidents simply can’t be avoided. If you won a bouncy castle hire business it is critical that you take out a comprehensive insurance policy which has your back in a worst case scenario. As well as safeguarding your customers you’ll also be protecting your business and making sure that you have access to financial and legal support when you need it the most. 

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